Are you looking for healthcare consultants?

Do you need education and training resources tailored specifically for the healthcare professionals in your service?

The consultants at Health Education & Learning Partnerships specialise in these areas. Get in contact with us to find out more about these services and how we can help you and your team.


Consultancy Services

Do you have a staff member who struggles to achieve standards of practice or performance?

Does your team need support and mentoring to contribute effectively and achieve their full potential?

Are you unsure whether your practice environment complies with mandatory practice standards for your facility?

We will work with you and your team to learn about issues in your practice environment 

We will develop solutions within your budget that can be implemented easily and effectively

 Performance Assessments

  • Work with under-performing staff in the clinical setting to observe and benchmark their performance against current ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing
  • Develop an education and performance improvement program tailored specifically for the individual, their role and their practice environment
  • Evaluate and report on the program outcomes

Practice Reviews

Get in contact with us to find out more about these services and how we can help you and your team. 

Education Services For Healthcare Facilities

New Staff

Are you recruiting new and inexperienced staff, but do not have the personnel or the resources to orientate and support them?

Do you have staff re-entering the specialty who would benefit from a ‘refresher’ program?

  • We can deliver a short, hands-on Perioperative Nursing Fundamentals program, covering theory and practice of perioperative nursing – preparing your new staff members for safe and effective clinical practice.
  • We can also support your new staff with regular on-site visits with our innovative Educator in Residence program, ensuring your new staff settle into your team. This program can be customised to include clinical assessment and performance development.

Mandatory Education and Continuing Professional Development

Are you finding it difficult to ensure your staff meet mandatory training requirements or provide your team with CPD activities? 

  • We can provide workshops and seminars to assist your staff meet their mandatory education requirements, including BLS, manual handling and emergency evacuation drills and attain their annual CPD hours.
  • Our innovative Twilight Seminars conducted over two to three hours in the evening straight after a morning shift are one way we can assist you. We can customise these seminars to suit your own needs or provide a program with updates on recent policies and current perioperative professional issues.
  • We can also conduct short courses and one day seminars/workshops at a time to suit you and your staff customised to your needs.

Under-performing staff

Do you have staff who are not meeting their potential or under-performing?

  • We can assist you by carrying out on-site assessments of clinical practice. We will work with your and your staff member to develop a comprehensive program with strategies designed to improve their performance.

Leadership & Mentoring

Are you looking to develop the leadership and non-technical skills of your team?

Would your staff benefit from a ‘Train the Trainer’ program or Clinical Supervision?

  • We can provide a range of leadership and mentoring programs for staff who are aspiring team-leaders, educators or managers.
  • Our Train the Trainer programs can provide them with skills and confidence to manage small group workshops and one-on-one training in your workplace.

Educational Needs Analysis

Is your educational program in need of review or out of date? Unsure if it meets relevant national standards?

  • We can carry out an educational needs analysis for your department.
  • We can review and/or develop education programs and resources, including clinical assessments to suit your specific workplace.

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For individual clinicians with minimal practical experience

Are you new to the perioperative environment, with little or no perioperative experience?

Are you re-entering the specialty and looking for a ‘refresher’ program?

  • Then you might be interested in one of our short, hands-on Perioperative Nursing Fundamentals programs covering theory and practice of perioperative nursing – preparing you for safe and effective clinical practice.

For individual clinicians with extensive practical experience

Are you working part-time or employed by an agency and finding it difficult completing your own CPD hours or meeting mandatory training requirements?

Are you a clinician working in the medical industry and looking for additional educational opportunities? If so, then you might be interested in the following Continuing Professional Development activities.

  • We can provide workshops and seminars to assist you attain you annual CPD hours and meet mandatory training requirements, for example:
    • BLS, manual handling, emergency evacuation drills
    • Management of Intraoperative Medications
    • Updates on latest policies and ACORN/NSQHS Standards
    • Human Factors
    • Infection Control
    • Legal Issues
    • Leadership and Mentoring
  • Or you might be interested in our innovative Twilight Seminars, conducted over two to three hours in the evening straight after a morning shift, which are another way we can assist you.

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