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With over thirty years’ nursing experience specialising in perioperative practice, we really understand the Australian healthcare environment. As nurse consultants and perioperative leaders, we know that patient safety is of paramount importance and believe that a well-educated workforce is a safe workforce. Listen to us in conversation with Ingrid Thompson as part of her iTunes podcast series “So you want to start a business?”.  We describe our pathways from clinicians and educators to independent consultants and we tell Ingrid how we came to set up Health Education & Learning Partnerships. This conversation with Ingrid Thompson was recorded on 28 4 2105 and last 30 minutes. We hope you enjoy it!

Whether you are an individual clinician or manager, an agency nurse or member of the medical industry, we can customise services for your unique education and practice needs, ensuring you meet relevant national standards and are safe and effective in your clinical practice. We have individually and collaboratively made significant contributions to the education and professional development of nurses, doctors and allied health professionals.

Publication of the first Australasian perioperative textbook ‘Perioperative Nursing: An Introductory Text’ in 2009 was a career highlight with both of us contributing as chapter authors and, notably, Menna as co-editor Hamlin et al Perioperative Nursing: An Introductory Textwith Lois Hamlin and Marilyn Richardson-Tench.

In April 2016 a 2nd edition was published as ‘Perioperative Nursing: An Introduction’. The editorial team, Lois Hamlin, Menna Davies and Marilyn Richardson-Tench who were responsible for Revised and updatedthe 1st edition have been joined by Sally as editor and contributor. The information has been updated with two new chapters added, ‘The perioperative team and interdisciplinary collaboration’ and ‘Perioperative patient safety‘. Research and feature boxes have been added to provide a contemporary, practical text, relevant to current perioperative nursing practice. The textbook can be purchased on line through the Elsevier website or through outlets eg Coop Bookshop.

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Menna Davies with Kate Rodgers, CNE, Operating Theatre, Nambour Hospital, QLD, April, 2015


ISO Confused AS/NSZ 4187 Twilight Seminar delegates at Massey Park, Concord March, 2015


ISO Presenters Lynn Rapley, Nicole Lapanaitis & Tim Cole with Menna & Sally, February, 2015


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